Model Shoots – 2016

Luce Devina – 11/26/2016

Luce Devina – 11/26/2016

Well this was my last shoot of 2016. I just came back from the Philippines, and I needed to get back on the trigger. Lucky for me Luce and I [ … ]
Deny – 11/25/2016

Deny – 11/25/2016

It’s always a honor to take photos of new models. Deny and I has been talking for some time to set up a shoot…. Well it finally happened. Check out [ … ]
Sammi Kay – 09/25/2016

Sammi Kay – 09/25/2016

As most of you know, my shoots are random at times. I don’t really plan anything with anyone, and these things just happen. Let’s take Sammi Kay. She came to [ … ]
Whitney Chase – 08/27/2016

Whitney Chase – 08/27/2016

Remember a couple months ago I met with this annoying Canadian girl name Whitney… She’s back… this time in my city… I knew she couldn’t get enough! USA USA!! Everyone [ … ]
Asia Kristine – 08/14/2016

Asia Kristine – 08/14/2016

It’s been almost two years since I shot with Asia. It’s like nothing changed. We picked up where we left off basically. But her return in modeling was a bit [ … ]

Lila Vy – 08/14/2016

Sorry a day late. But this jet lag from the Philippines is destroying me. This week I got a set I shot during my LA vacation with Lila Vy. We [ … ]

Angel Kyoko – 07/30/2016

My room was full of bottles, some illegal stuff, pizza boxes, and a room full of people who is suffering from alcoholic amnesia… We’re all alive from last nights… Stuff.. [ … ]

Raenie Daze – 06/22/2016

This was in talks about 3-4 years ago. Every year we would hit each other up, and try to make this shoot happen. But both our schedules are just crazy. [ … ]

KC Mills – 06/22/2016

From time to time I get to work with people totally last minute. This was one of those shoots. I have scheduled a long time friend of mine Raenie to [ … ]

Whitney Chase – 06/05/2016

Oh Canada… Where do I begin… She somehow died 4 times in this interview, and I still manage to be friends with her somehow… I just have to remember that [ … ]

Gracie Kayy – 06/04/2016

12AM… At this time I should of ate, and went to sleep after a long day of shooting right? Wrong… The knock on the door only told me one thing. [ … ]

Shay Bella – 06/04/2016

It’s been a hectic day so far. Back to back shoots, and the night was already here. I have yet to explore Washington to do my street shooting, but at [ … ]

Christina Arana – 06/04/2016

I was running a bit behind, but there was one model that I was hoping to shoot during my trip. I hit her up, and she was able to make [ … ]

Mari King – 06/04/2016

It’s hard to find models that have a natural pose. It takes time to practice, and find their look. My original plan was to shoot Shay Bella, but because of [ … ]

Monique Greene – 06/04/2016

Finally had some time to recover from the hectic day one I had in Seattle. Kinda wanted to sleep in a bit more, but we had to get our day [ … ]

Ivy – 06/03/2016

The day was finally coming to a end. Day one with all these shoots done. Ever get that sudden burst of energy when you are exhausted? Well it came through [ … ]

Merari Lara – 06/03/2016

Yea I thuoght my day was over. But it wasn’t… My bed was just right there, but the day kept going. This Seattle trip was only on day 1 still, [ … ]

Stephanie Lazaro – 06/03/2016

We finally get back to the hotel, only to find out… I only have 15 min to shoot one of the models I’ve been wanting to work with since I [ … ]

Ashlee Sem – 06/03/2016

After finishing my shoot with Neena, we had to rush out to the local park to meet up with Ashlee Sem to do a quick shoot before returning back to [ … ]

Neena Rey – 06/03/2016

(The story continues…) we landed early in Seattle just so we can go downtown and do a bit of street shooting… With all our luggage… It wasn’t a really good [ … ]

Sallyna Bunny – 06/03/2016

I swear I gotta fire whoever plans my trips… Waking up at 4am to catch a 8am flight to Seattle was not a good idea. Running on 2 hours of [ … ]

Two Years… Still shooting – Model Set: Lila Vy – 04/02/2016

I know I haven’t been posting much, but I have been busy. With bookings every week as a DJ, I had to slow down my shooting… Until I got my [ … ]