Anime Expo 2019 Cosplaying Around – Cosplay Highlights

I made the drive down to LA to attend one of my favorite conventions. Anime Expo! I always love the experience (except linecon…), hanging out with friends I only see once in a while, food adventures, and of course meeting all the cosplayers and checking out their work! Check out this years cosplay highlights!

I had an amazing time at Anime Expo! It was great everyone, and I appreciate working with all of you. The amount of hard work placed into your cosplay paid off.

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Primary Camera: Osmo Pocket
Secondary: Canon T5i with 24-70 L Lens

Some of you guys may not know, but I shot some photos with a Canon T5i since my old camera is well.. done for. So if you would like to support me to getting a new camera please shoot me a donation! Every bit helps!

Music from Epidemic Sounds
1st: Lvly – Fool For Me (Extended)

Day 1 (07/04/2019)

Day 2 (07/05/2019)

Day 3 (07/06/2019)

Day 4 (07/07/2019)

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-Mark Gonzales
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