Ivy – 06/03/2016

The day was finally coming to a end. Day one with all these shoots done. Ever get that sudden burst of energy when you are exhausted? Well it came through the moment Ivy walked in. Check out Ivy…

Mark: Where are you from?

Ivy: I’m Seattle, Washington

Mark: What’s your ethnicity?

Ivy: Chinese

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Ivy: I worked for a leggings company and in the early days, I helped model the leggings for the catalog. From there, I figured I’d try out this modeling thing, and try other styles. Well after that the rest is history haha.

Mark: Soooo your telling me…. Your the legs behind those catalogs haha. So what TV shows are you into at the moment?

Ivy: BOBS BURGER! haha

Mark: Oh my…. So what chracter would you relate to the most?

Ivy: I gotta say Louise from Bobs Burger haha. She’s spunky, sarcastic, and has a dark sense of humor, much like yours truly.

Mark: Let’s say your part of a secret spy service. Who would be part of your four man cell?

Ivy: Deadpool because I need someone who can make fun of any situation and kick some butt. Anyone from attack on Titan because they seem like very capable people….

Mark: But so many of them dies…..

Ivy: Shut up! and Jason Mraz.

Mark: What the…. He would be so useless!

Ivy: Your useless! I only need him for no other reason but to sing me to sleep every night.

Mark: I can do that…

Ivy: NO!

Mark: Sessh… Ok say you can have super powers. Which ability would you select?

Ivy: I would like to fly… That way I won’t be late to anything ever again!

Mark: I have a feeling that won’t help.

Ivy: and your useless.

Mark:…… Jax Teller, Jack Sparrow, or Neal Caffery. You gotta kill one, sleep with one, and marry one. GO!

Ivy: Sooo many choices… Oh mann.. Ok.. Kill Jack Sparrow because he’s always up to no good. Sleep with Jax Teller cuz I had no clue who the hell he was until I googled him just now, and then marry Neal Caffery because he’s my favorite.

Ivy had to be one of the most fun session I had during my hectic trip. Really easy to work with, and she manage to get all her poses down like a pro. Hope I’l be working with her in the future again.

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)
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