Neena Rey – 06/03/2016

(The story continues…) we landed early in Seattle just so we can go downtown and do a bit of street shooting… With all our luggage… It wasn’t a really good idea, so the lovely Zoey Lee picked us up and brought us to our hotel in Federal Way. Finally time to relax. Until the front desk just told us that I couldn’t have the room… ummm wtf… It was already 2PM and our first shoot is set for 4. But luckily Zoey pulled the clutch and scored us a room near the airport. Now finally time to rest… Well not really.. cuz Neena just got to the room, and decided to stay on my bed… Fine I’l shoot… Everyone, this is Seattle’s Neena Rey.

Mark: Where are you from?

Neena: I was born in Federal Way but grew up in Renton. Pure Washingtoninan!

Mark: Hmm made me think if people call themselves Californian… Nope…

Neena: Shut up! Geez

Mark: What ethnicity are you?

Neena: I am Filipina, German, Irish and Hungarian.

Mark: Hmm sounds like a deadly combo… Like your gonna spear me, with a grenade attached to it, followed by hail of gun fire, and while raiding down on horses like barbarians…

Neena: ehh yea about right.

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Neena: I was always interested in modeling and it was always a dream of mine. I never really pursued it until I got picked up by Urbn Panda.

Mark: Panda

Neena: haha. Well yea they got me to model in their fashion show and the rest is history! I realized this is what I wanted to do and hope to get better with time and experience.

Mark: What are some of your biggest goals?

Neena: My biggest goals! Hmm that’s a big spectrum! haha. To be Vague and to the point, I want to be successful and make my parents proud. But really I’d have to say… To live my life to the fullest, take chances, make mistakes conquer the world…

Mark: Conquer the world is my goal so NO!

Neena: NOOO My goal! and by the time I’m a raisin be more than satisfied with what I have achieved and with the  life i lived.

Mark: Yea that is always a great goal. What are your favorite shows at the moment?

Neena: My favorite TV show at the moment is Game of Thrones and Hunter x Hunter.

Mark: No wonder you and Sallyna are good friends… Put yourself in the world of Game of Thrones. You are surrounded by “White Walkers”, who are the two other people you would have in your party?

Neena: It would be Khaleesi because she’s badass and has 3 dragons. Also my bestfriend so we can all ride the dragons together and eat fries while the dragons kill the White Walkers.

Mark:… hmmm fries… You gotta kill one, marry one, and sleep with one. Jon Snow, Jax Teller, and Neal Caffery. Go!

Neena: Hmm marry Jon Snow, sleep with Jax, and kill Neal haha

Mark: If you can have any super power in the world what would your ability be?

Neena: To fly so I can go anywhere and everywhere.

Although I was dead tired, and the hotel situation was just “great” I can finally get some sleep (Neena: LETS DRINK) OMG NOOOOO!

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