Sallyna Bunny – 06/03/2016

I swear I gotta fire whoever plans my trips… Waking up at 4am to catch a 8am flight to Seattle was not a good idea. Running on 2 hours of sleep, and getting to a place that I have never been to was not a good idea. Well at least I can check into the hotel and get some sleep until I get my first shoot of the trip in… Or so I thought…. But let’s save that nightmare for another post! This is my set with Washington’s Sallyna Bunny!

Mark: So where are you originally from and what ethnicity are you?

Sallyna: I’m from Seattle, and I’m a mix of Laos, Thai, and Chinese.

Mark: What got you into the whole modeling gig?

Sallyna: So basically Urbn Panda Clothing got me into modeling. I got recruited by Kenny C. My friends actually model for that brand too, but I am no longer signed by them. I still love and miss all my girls!

Mark: Favorite show or anime?

Sallyna: I’am a huge anime fan haha. I’ve probably watched a couple hundred animes within my lifetime.

Mark: We just became best friends….

Sallyna: Don’t you tell anyone that?


Sallyna: haha I love Sword Art Online, Hunter x Hunter, and Charlotte! I’ve been watching anime since I was born!

Mark: Put yourself in Kirito position from SAO. Who are the three people who would be in your party?

Sallyna: I would have Yuuki Konno, Asuna, and One Punch Man! Maybe id switch out Asuna for Genos though…

Mark: Who would be your biggest inspiration in your life?

Sallyna: My dad would be my biggest inspiration. I can go on and on about him haha and Naruto would honestly be on the same level…

Mark: Your dad is like Naruto!?

Sallyna: Haha I just had to mention him! I’ve been watching him since I was probably 5 years old! He’s my faveeee!

Mark: Well since you went to EDC. You get to party with one for a month, marry one, and kill one. Tiesto, Skrillex, Kaskade. GO!

Sallyna: I’d marry Skrillex…. I love him haha, party with Tiesto, and kill Kaskade hahaha.

Mark: You know Kaskade is my homie right?


Mark: The world is over run with zombies. You need to move quick! Your choice of weapons are a portal gun, lightsaber, BatWoman’s utility belt and invisible cloak. What would you pick!

Sallyna: I gotta say lightsaber… and go out like a badass haha

I had a great time shooting Sallyna, and it was great meeting her. I was just exhausted from my trip into Seattle. She was totally awesome, and her personality is addicting! But that’s my first shoot… now who’s next…

Make sure to check out Sallyna’s Instagram at @SecretBunnyyy

If you guys notice, I’ve been shooting a bit different. I love the feedback so let me know on IG and Twitter! Til next Monday!

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-Mark Gonzales
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  1. Ellyse

    Sallyna has always been such a sweetheart, her personality is just so genuine and so open. Getting to meet her and be friends with her is truly an honor. You look so gorgeous sallyna! I love your style and so excited to see what happens for you in the future of the modeling industry!

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