Deny – 11/25/2016

It’s always a honor to take photos of new models. Deny and I has been talking for some time to set up a shoot…. Well it finally happened. Check out my set with Deny.

Mark: Where are you from?

Deny: I’m from Mexico but I grew up in the bay. I identify as a Chicana.

Mark: What got you in front of the camera?

Deny: I got behind the camera because I didn’t believe in my own beauty and I wanted to see how others viewed me in order to help boost my confidence. Seeing how photographers bring out the best in me has helped me a lot and it has become something I love to do.

Mark: Nice, you definitely have the look for it. So what’s one of your all time favorite movies?

Deny: I gotta say “Croods”. The one about cavemen haha

Mark: You some how end up back in cavemen time. You and two others have to try to find a way back to present time. Name two people who would be with you for this task.

Deny: One of my best friends Victor because he’s incredibly smart and can probably make a fire haha. Dr. Strange because if I’m going to have one cocky asshole I might as well have two talented cocky assholes haha.

Mark: I still gotta watch that movie haha

Sorry for the short interview, but I have a feeling we’re gonna be setting up another shoot soon. The beginning of the year has been hectic, but I am planning to get back on the grind soon. Make sure to check out Deny’s IG at @kittenpuurrs.

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-Mark Gonzales
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