Stephanie Lazaro – 06/03/2016

We finally get back to the hotel, only to find out… I only have 15 min to shoot one of the models I’ve been wanting to work with since I began. But sometimes you gotta work with what you have. But seriously at this time I was exhausted… I just needed sleep. But it’s hard to sleep when you have Stephanie Lazaro around.

Mark: This is gonna be a short interview so lets DO THIS! Where are you from?

Stephanie: Based in Seattle, WA but originally from Manila Philippines.

Mark: Damn from my motherland haha, what got you into modeling?

Stephanie: I pursued modeling because I was really fashion. Also, being in front of the camera makes me feel super confident. I Went to John Casablanca for modeling and after that I got into fashion/runway shows for local designers, hair modeling, swimwear, commercial, import, and it’s just been a great journey working with a lot of great local photographers in the Seattle, Portland, and California areas.

Mark: Definitely, I missed shooting you during my beginning stages of photography in SoCal, and now i’am here with a small window to get this done haha. What shows or movies are you into at the moment?

Stephanie: Gotta say Chicago, Dexter, and Friends.

Mark: Ok now we’re best friends. “Friends” is on my top of all time favorites haha. How about music?

Stephanie: I love house, electronic music, rap, hip hop, and some good old 80’s and 90’s pop. Really open to anything!

Mark: We could definitely pull off karaoke then.

*Door Slams in the background*

Mark: Umm run i think thats security….

It definitely sucks that I didn’t have time to set up a proper shoot. We kinda just went to the hotel stairway and started shooting, but security was making it’s way up and we needed to bounce. I will most likely have the opportunity to shoot with her again hopefully in the near future. But at this point I might need to make another trip to Washington to get a proper tour and shoot some other models that wanted to work but just didn’t have the time.

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