Ashlee Sem – 06/03/2016

After finishing my shoot with Neena, we had to rush out to the local park to meet up with Ashlee Sem to do a quick shoot before returning back to the hotel for our next photoshoot… I really just wanted to sleep at this point. I got to Angle Lake park, and the sun was starting to hit it’s “golden hour” I decided to lay on the grass… My eyes are slowly shutting… I can feel relaxation about to hit… “WAKE YOUR ASS UP! We only have 15 minutes!” – Ashlee

Mark: Where are you from?

Ashlee: I’m from Aberdeen, Washington.

Mark: What ethnicity are you?

Ashlee: I’m Cambodian, Thai, Chinese, and French.

Mark: I remember you from back in the day, but tell me what got you into the whole modeling gig?

Ashlee: I became a model in 1999 when HIN was still all hyped up. I was encourage to model by Mia Guzman and Natasha Yi.

Mark: I miss Natasha…. So a lot has happened in the years! Tell me what would be your weapon of choice if the world was taken over by zombies?

Ashlee: My weapon I would use would have to be my own damn feet and a machete to cut off their heads! hahaha

Mark: There goes the Cambodian side haha. Now we don’t have that much time so a few more questions. Who would be 3 people in your squad during the zombie apocalypse?

Ashlee: David Bellen because he has combat experience, Anna Bellen because she’s a badass and si a medic, and last Superman… Because if we got into a bind during a fight he can come get us and fly us to a secure area.

Unfortunately time was not on my side for this trip. Ashlee was great to work with and we only had time for one set. She’s been very busy after her modeling career and she might make a possible come back… Because she’s badass still….

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