Gracie Kayy – 06/04/2016

12AM… At this time I should of ate, and went to sleep after a long day of shooting right? Wrong… The knock on the door only told me one thing. It’s my last shoot of the day. The thing is she’s not even from Washington. She took the first flight out of one my favorite cities. Straight from New York, this is Gracie Kayy.

Mark: Where are you from?

Gracie: I’m from Korea.

Mark: I knew it! NORTH KOREA!

Gracie: F*(1< You! NO Seoul! SOUTH!

Mark: SHE’S A SPY!

Gracie: I’m gonna kill you….

Mark: So… Spy…. What got you into modeling?

Gracie: Haha well honestly it was an accident. Just kinda happened…

Mark: Cuz your a spy! Come on! Modeling doesn’t happen by accident! Models can infiltrate any event! They stay fit because they need to fight off enemies! They make the perfect assassins!

Gracie: ….. Didn’t say I’m gonna kill you…

Mark:… soooo… What’s your favorite show or movie? Let me guess… Any James Bond movie!?

Gracie: …. Nevermind… Favorite’s right now would be Zooptopia and Star Trek.

Mark: Eww Star Trek… Sorry I’am a Star Wars fan…

Gracie: I love Star Wars! But Star Trek is…

Mark: NOPE! I’m gonna ignore the fact you like Star Trek and keep you in the dark side as a Star Wars fan…

Gracie: This is suppose to be a interview right?

Mark: SPY!

Gracie: I also like Sayuki, Spirited Away, and Bono Bono….

Mark: …. Marry me….

Even though it was late night, I had a great time shooting with Gracie. She had a long flight, and I just had a long day, so both of us just needed to get some sleep at this point. But who knows… Maybe I’ll make the trip to New York soon… Stay tuned…

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