Angel Kyoko – 07/30/2016

My room was full of bottles, some illegal stuff, pizza boxes, and a room full of people who is suffering from alcoholic amnesia… We’re all alive from last nights… Stuff.. I could drink a gallon of water. Vegas just has a way to eat you up, throw you right back, all within hours… Shoot me. *Door Bell Rings*… OH SHIT I HAVE A SHOOT! Umm hi Angel Kyoko…

Mark: Where are you from?

Angel: I’m from NorCal, Stockton to be exact. It’s funny because when I tell people that they almost look at me like I’m crazy.

Mark: Don’t kill me…

Angel: OMG really not you too.

Mark: What ethnicity are you?

Angel: I am Filipino and Japanese. Unfortunately i’m not tuned much with my Japanese side.

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Angel: I’ve always been interested in modeling from a young age but my ultimate goal is to inspire people through my singing?

Mark: What kinda movies or shows are you into?

Angel: As far as shows go I actually don’t have any favorites since I don’t particularly like to sit down ad watch. I prefer to read on my down time. When it comes to movies though I’m a sucker for action or comedy. I’ll always look up to Angelina Jolie too so Salt is one of my favorite movies.

Mark: Who’s one of your biggest inspirations?

Angel: I would say my mother would have to be one of my biggest inspirations. With all the negativity in the world she still manages to focus on her own goals and dreams regardless of what is throw at her, regardless of what people have to say to talk her out of what is she wants to do.

Mark: What is one of your biggest pet peeve?

Angel: My biggest pet peeve would have to be flaking out on plans, when already agreed upon. It’s just disrespectful haha.

Mark: Your stuck on a zombie infested resort island? Name three people you would have on your team to try to escape and why?

Angel: Hmm Zombie Island?! I’l need my best friend Kyna because she’s witty, Superman because…. Well he’s Superman, and then that black girl Michon from the Walking Dead because she’s just too bad ass not to have in a zombie infested island haha.

Mark: If you could have any power in the world, what would your ability be?

Angel: I would have the ability to make everyone’s heart whole again. This world can be cruel.

Mark: So your gonna make everyone whole hearted like “We Happy Few” right!?

(For those who don’t know what this is. Please see youtube link:

Angel: No! That looks like interesting game though haha. I think I meant…. that I know struggle, pain, and all that jazz makes you a better person and I don’t knock it down at all because it’s what molds us into better people.

Mark: I like jazz…

Angel: Mark! haha… To be happy all the time is unrealistic but I meant that if I could allow for people to open up their minds and hearts to be more empathetic and understanding, than the world would be just a little better if that makes sense. I think everyone is too sensitive nowadays and get easily offended over the silliest things.

Mark: That is very true, people just to pop pills those happy pills

Angel: I am gonna kick you in the balls

Mark: Runs*

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