Christina Arana – 06/04/2016

I was running a bit behind, but there was one model that I was hoping to shoot during my trip. I hit her up, and she was able to make it the same day. Say hello to one new up and coming models from Washington, Christina Arana.

Mark: Where are you from?

Christina: I’m from Washington.

Mark: What ethnicity are you?

Christina: Half Puerto Rican and half white.

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Christina: My friend Reyvi took me to a shoot, and since then I’ve been booming on my own!

Mark: Favorite movie?

Christina: PS I Love you

Mark: Eww such a chick flick….What is your favorite type of food?

Christina: Shut up! haha Macaroni and mashed potatoes!

Mark: That sounds amazing haha yea… I’am hungry already.

Christina: Go eat!

Mark: I want bacon on that….

Christina: You know whats up! haha

Mark: Your stuck on a island with Gerald Butler, Harry Connick and James Marster. Your supply of macaroni and mashed is running low. You need to kill one, send one on a dangerous journey to find food, and keep one to protect you. Which roles would you assign?

Christina: I swear you ask the most random questions haha. I’d keep Gerald and I don’t care about the others. They can rock, paper scissors for who does what, and who lives….

Mark: Dude that would be one intense game haha. What is one of your biggest inspirations?

Christina: My mother because she had children young but still managed to give us a lot.

Mark: What is your biggest goal?

Christina: I want to some day be a Victoria secret model. Hopefully one day.

Mark: If money wasn’t a issue, what would be one thing you would buy?

Christina: A huge house somewhere beautiful, because I don’t want to worry about paying rent haha.

Mark:If you had the chance to travel anywhere in the world where would you like to go?

Christina: I would love to go to Australia.

Mark: If you had any superpower, what would be your ability?

Christina: Hmmm… I would want to be able to read minds… because I swear you can never trust people… That and I notice you keep looking at my boobs…

Mark:…. Ummm noo…. You can’t read minds can you…

Christina: *Rolls eyes*

It was great working with Christina. It was a last moment schedule, but I was happy to work with her. Her amazing personality, and great looks is definitely addicting. Hope to hang out with her next time I’am in town!

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-Mark Gonzales
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