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Hong Kong Part 5 – Big Buddha

Clubbing, drinking, girls, drinking, drugs, drinking, more girls,drinking, spending countless nights surrounded by bad vices, smoke, sweat, alcohol, and constant blurs. Hong Kong is a enabler for a person like me. [ … ]

Kaylee Marie– 06/06/2014

Man sometimes I wish I lived in Vegas… Party every night, alcohol readily available, open card tables whenever I need to make money, and hot chicks that are into cars, [ … ]

KristenTheMess – 06/01/2014

She’s inked, in a band, knows how to weld a assault rifle, and lives in a digital world repping the Horde….. Don’t forget those eyes that can make you peer [ … ]

Morning Star – 05/30/2014

Oh Canada! You are one lucky nation. You got one of the baddest chicks in North America within your borders. She’s got class, tats and ass. Good morning, Morning Star!

Jenika MimiMao – 05/30/2014

The girl next door. Always smiling, sweet, innocent, and when she is filled with rage, she has the cutest smile ever. Say hello to Jenika Mao.

Street Shooting around the SFC

Gotta love the city, some days its the same 5hi7 different day, but it’s always on the move. Decided to run around with the camera snapping, and grabbing some lunch. [ … ]

Erikka Maroldo – 05/30/2014

Girls are always into cute stuff. Hello Kitty, Tiffany’s, LV, Gucci, Harry Potter, and a Taurus 357 hand cannon… Enter Erikka Maroldo.

Hong Kong Part 4 – Oh 5H17…..

Ever wonder what would you do if you were in a foreign country, and all of a sudden the debit card that holds most of your travel expenses was lost? [ … ]

Bianca Barreto – Rails, & Dimes

Was it Saturday or Sunday…. Well whatever day it was… Lets just say Monday…. I woke up with a knocking headache (mixing alcohol is never good). As I did my [ … ]

Michelle Soriano – Warm Strings

It was a Sunday afternoon. The sun was out, the skies lit, and the colors of Golden Gate Park sheds upon warm faces. It was a perfect day to go [ … ]