Hong Kong Part 4 – Oh 5H17…..

Ever wonder what would you do if you were in a foreign country, and all of a sudden the debit card that holds most of your travel expenses was lost? Yea I always wondered how completely FU(1<34 I would be… Well it happened. Oh yea also posting some photos I took at night during this dilemma. So you know how some ATMs eat your card during your transaction, and afterwards release the card after the transaction? Well one drunk night I ran low on cash, and went to Citi to grab some cash. I put my card in, pull out a couple thousand HKD, drank my beer, and pocketed my cash… Well I went on for about two days with the cash in hand. I needed to book my next trip to Japan, and as I looked for my card….. Yep that idiot moment when you realized you lost it… Well it was no big deal! Citibank is everywhere. Il just call it in. Customer service was great, and they quickly closed my account, and issued me a new card. They said they will deliver it to the Hostel I am in, as long as I am there for 3-7 days, which was completely fine. They also told me I can possibly go to the local Citibank for them to produce me a temp debit card. ALL GOOD! The next day I made way to local Citibank to get my temp debit card. Well this is where everything goes down south. The bank manager told me that they are unable to access US accounts due to the Citibank HK accounts run on a different database. That means that I was not able to get a Temp card, and I was not able to pull money out of my account. However there was a option to pull emergency cash out. But this process may take several hours to complete. I decided to transfer my funds to my Chase account. Great idea right? Nope.. It takes 3-5 business days to complete…. Why did it tell me after I submitted the request… Couldn’t cancel the request… Luckly I left 100 USD in my Citi account to pull on emergency withdrawal. After exploring Wan Chai for a couple hours the process was complete. I had 750 HKD, and 5 days to live off… and two days left on my hostel… FML… All photos taken with a Canon 600d (T3i) with a standard lens kit 18-55mm

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