Fanime 2014 Day 2

Yep definitely made the wrong turn. Looking for parking around San Jose, I made the wrong turn going down San Carlos. Stuck in traffic. Already running late, and missing day one of Fanime, I was already anxious to park, and get in. As I crept through the traffic, I see hundreds of people fill the crosswalks dressed in cosplay as they make their journey to the San Jose Convention center. After 45 minutes of findings parking, I made the walk toward the venue. Camera already out, I was already on the way snapping away. My first Anime convention. This was way overdue…

Well I was late, there was no line to get my pass for the weekend. After registration, I scouted the area. Fanime offered many different panels, and events. The dealer room housed vendors that sold everything from toys, manga, t-shirts, cosplay props, and sponsors… no I did not buy anything… yet… The artist room was set right across from the dealer rooms. This area is where artist from all around gather to display, and sell their works. I did not buy anything here… yet… In the center of all the attention is Stage Zero, and right under on the lower level was a cosplay panel. This was a portion of what Faime had to offer. Fanime also had Karaoke, a Gamers Lounge that was open 24 hours until the end of Faime, Speed Dating, Manga libraries, Maid Cafes and several presentations from artist, cosplayers, and special guest.

As my first Anime convention I was amazed at the turn out, and the involvement from the Otaku, and gaming community. Walking through the halls, I seen many familiar faces from Sailor Moon, Rock Lee Genderbenders, Assassins from Assassins Creed, and Attack on Titan scout troops. Within 2 hours, I was convinced that my next anime convention will involve me in some sort of cosplay. As a fan of anime, and gaming since birth, I felt I was at home with fans that appreciate the otaku culture. This was only day one… Lets get to the pictures.

Not a single boring moment for me at Fanime. I walked around in circles over 7-8 times, and it was a ever changing environment. I never wanted it to end. It felt like home. But unfortunately my legs were telling me no more, and my night job called. I left Fanime… and I will return…. The next day… and the day after…

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)
Photographer, Dj, Gamer, Nerd, CEO of Enix LLC

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