Jenika MimiMao – 05/30/2014

The girl next door. Always smiling, sweet, innocent, and when she is filled with rage, she has the cutest smile ever. Say hello to Jenika Mao.

Me: Where are you from?

Jenika: Seattle, Washington

Me: Are you a city or country type of girl?

Jenika: A little bit of both. I love nature, but love to party.

Me: Do you watch Walking Dead?

Jenika: No Walking Dead. I get scared of Zombies haha

Me: So your saying that if zombies took over the world, you would be the first to go?

Jenika: I would fight for my life of course!

Me: Who would you rather date. Spider-Man, Superman, or Batman?

Jenika: I would date Batman. He has the option of being some regular rich guy, but instead he invest his time, and money into fighting crime, and helping the city.

Me: Werewolves or Vampires?

Jenika: $hi7… That’s a hard one. I love both equally.

Me: “Hard one” Bowchikawowow


Me: What!? Anyways, would you rather be killed by a Werewolf or Vampire

Jenika: VAMPIRE!

Me: Your a Twilight fan aren’t you….

Jenika: Yeah! and Vampire Diaries.

Me: Alright quick! Bella, Alice, Rosalie. You gotta kill one, marry one, and sleep with one. Go!

Jenika: HAHA Kill Bella, marry Alice, and sleep with Rosalie.

Me: Alice is soo hot… **silent**

Jenika: Snap out of it back to the interview!

Me: Right! If you had any super power, which would you have?

Jenika: Damn thats a hard one…


Jenika: …..

Me: Go on…

Jenika: I would like to be able to teleport.

Me: Ok here’s the plan. You teleport into the bank, and steal all the money. Then you teleport back, and we split the profit!

Jenika: In what way did you help for me to split?….

Me: It was my plan!

Jenika: Haha deal then…

Me: Do you always smile? I notice that you always smile… For some reason I can picture you angry as hell and just smiling. Are you one of those girls?

Jenika: I think I am sadly. Well I do smile a lot, but the bad part is people that pay attention will always know when something is wrong.

Me: Last question! When is the next time your in California, and what are your up coming appearances?

Jenika: Not too sure, but you can always follow me on my social, and keep up!

Jenika is a great girl. She had the asian girl from next door look, and her smile could brighten up the mood instantly. I hope to work with her again soon! Check out her social network, and follow her!

Twitter & Instagram: @JenikaMimimao

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