Hot Import Nights 2014 – Santa Clara Convention Center

It’s 2014, and Hot Import Nights hits the Santa Clara Convention Center. Cars, vape, free stuff, contest, and of course models from all over! Check them out!

As a teenager, Hot Import Nights was one of my yearly traditions. To me, Hot Import Nights was a giant candy store, full of cars, technicians, mods, music and models. Hell I still have this photo of my and Tila Nguyen from 2004’s Hot Import Nights in San Meteo HAHA

This year HIN had a great line up of cars, and models. There was a LS1 powered Z, teams from all over the bay area, lots of free goodies, and Daniel Riel had a line that extended from her booth to almost halfway into the convention center. Met a lot of cool people during the event, and loved the atmosphere. Can’t wait to see what HIN has in store for us next.

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