Morning Star – 05/30/2014

Oh Canada! You are one lucky nation. You got one of the baddest chicks in North America within your borders. She’s got class, tats and ass. Good morning, Morning Star!

Me: Where are you from?

M.S.: Edmonton, AB, Canada!

Me: How long have you been modeling for?

M.S.: I’ve been modeling since I was 18, but never took it seriously until last year in July. Ever since then i’ve been doing really good for myself. I love to keep pushing myself.

Me: Who is your favorite super hero?

M.S.: I would have to say Cat Woman. Cause she’s sexy, and pretty bad ass in her leather get up haha, plus her eye mask gives a hint of mystery!

Me: I am guessing out of all the super heroes you would date, you would go for a Batman type?

M.S.: Honestly I think I would date a transformer haha so that they can transform into any car I want haha.

Me: Damn a mecha lover.

M.S.:  -_-

Me: Any plans to move to the US?

M.S.: Haha I never really though about it.

Me: But we have Carne Asada Fries…. Consider it haha

Me: If you were stuck in a zombie apocalypse, what car would you steal?

M.S.: I’l want a Aston Martin haha

Me: So where can we check you out next time?

M.S.: Just check out my IG, or Twitter! I always keep everyone posted!

It was a pleasure working with Mis Morning Star at the Quick Shift headquarters. We had the chance to meet again after at Hot Import Nights Santa Clara, where she updated me on her upcoming car shows, and gigs. She’s a great friend, and I can see a great future for her!

Check out her social network, and follow her!

Twitter & Instagram: @MisMorningStar

Shout outs to @QuickShiftoilnlube in Westminister for letting us do these amazing shots! Make sure to check out their Facebook HERE.

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)
Photographer, Dj, Gamer, Nerd, CEO of Enix LLC

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