Michelle Soriano – Warm Strings

It was a Sunday afternoon. The sun was out, the skies lit, and the colors of Golden Gate Park sheds upon warm faces. It was a perfect day to go out in San Francisco. The perfect weather for picnics, bbq’s, a nice walk, or a date out at the Botanical Gardens… It is also the worst time to find traffic…

Ever had a plan in mind the night before, and you think to yourself “Yea it’s gonna be a good day.” Only to find yourself the next day bashing your head onto the steering wheel of your car as you test your patients to find parking. Yea well that was exactly the case. Michelle made it to the general location but due to the lack of parking we were not able to access the area I had in mind for the shoot. After a grueling hour of looking for parking, and becoming irradiated by the faces of happy people walking outside, I decided to get out. Leaving Martin Luther King Jr Dr, I made the journey around the park to Fulton. Now you might be asking “Why didn’t you just go around to John F. Kennedy Dr?” Well that was the plan but the park decided to close the road access, making me drive a extra 15 minutes to get to the other side.  I found a random parking spot on Fulton, and decided to scout a new location. The park was full of people, and privacy was at a lost… Until I decided to take two extra steps behind a bush. We got ourselves a stage for Michelle Soriano.

We quickly set up our two flash set up, and Michelle busted out a tune for us on her guitar. Suddenly the headache that was cause by the head bashing into the steering wheel went away. It’s gonna be a good day after all…

After a successful shoot at Golden Gate Park we jumped into the traffic, and headed over to the Ferry Building for a more urban feel. The sun was going down fast, and the weather quickly became windy, and cold. But at the end of the day we pulled off some great shots.

Tired we head back to the car. Finally over!….

*4 Hours later* – Why am I drinking at a club on a Sunday…. -_- Life of a workaholic I guess.

If you want to hear Michelle’s vocals, then check out Michelle Soriano’s YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/msoriano320

For the rest of the gallery check out my portfolio at https://enix.smugmug.com/MGP and if you want to book a shoot with me, feel free to contact me through my social media or email me at Mark@Enix.me

Photos Taken on 04/13/14

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