Hong Kong Part 3 – Symphony of Lights display

Man that was a long walk, and lotta drinking. (Hong Kong Part 2 – Temple St.) I manage to make it at about 7:30PM to the edge of Victoria Harbour to view one of Hong Kong’s famous light shows! The Symphony of Lights! But first another beer! (There are 7-11’s everywhere so you never need to worry about stocking up btw)

Another beer and went underway to exploring the Avenue of the Stars.

The first thing you notice when entering from Salisbury Garden is the replica of the statuette that are given to the winners at the Hong Kong Film Awards. As I was taking this photo I notice a sign that read “No Alcohol”….. So I walked over to the trash can, and shot gun the Jack and Coke I picked up from the local 7-11. I stumbled my way over to the edge of the sidewalk. It’s nighttime, the weather was not cold, and the view across Victoria Harbour was amazing…

Being alone traveling, it is very hard to take photos of yourself, and asking strangers to do it for you was not gonna happen. This wasn’t because I felt like someone was gonna steal my camera, but more because I was kinda buzzed…. “But first… Let me take a selfie” 

Yea at the time it looked Sharp…. But my Canon T3i decided that the water was more of a subject then I was, and manage to focus on that…. Well as I gather my ground, I walked down the Avenue of the Stars. People from all over come out here every night to see this. Well more like couples… and lots of tourist. The Avenue of the Stars was basically the equivalent of Hollywoods, Star Walk…. Minus the smell of weed… Minus the crazy people… Minus the clubs…. Minus the traffic… Minus the heavy pollution… well lets just say the Avenue of the Stars was cleaner… and more romantic… and just better…

On the floor of the walk are various movie stars, and singers hand prints. But since I am from the US I really didn’t know any of these actors… However there is one Star that I knew I wanted to see… BRUCE LEE!

This bronze Statue of Bruce Lee was amazing! Now I knew thousands of people take the same exact shot of him at a certain angle… But I wanted to be different…

I wanted to get my ass beat by Bruce Lee! Now this shot took some patients… People were all over this statue, and I wanted a clean shot. So I just waited for the right moment. Pre aim my camera, and made sure I position myself perfect, because once it was clear it was the only time I would get the shot I want.

After redeeming my horrible out of focus selfie with my “Ass kicked by Bruce Lee” selfie, the announcement for the Symphony of Lights started. The main things I heard while listening was that the Symphony holds the Guinness world record for… something something lights, and that the lights go hand in hand with the music that will be played. Being super excited, I waited. Then the first lasers shot out… and then… more lights… and then….

(Again out of focus city….)

More lasers……

Well, as a DJ, and going to many concerts, raves, and other production events that I helped set up lighting, in my opinion…. It could of been better… Much better…. The lasers used are quite impressive, reaching 3/4 of the length of Victoria Harbour. But it lacked excitement and awe to me. (If Hong Kong representatives are reading this, please contact me, and I can have me and my team set up something more interesting that will get the crowd in awe.) As the show tuned down, I took some time to stand there, and took a moment to appreciate the beauty of Hong Kong. It was my first time traveling by myself, and it was only my first week… I let the city lights take me away, and I was back on the ferry to get back to my hotel, to catch up on some sleep. The next day is gonna be another adventure…

All photos taken with a Canon 600d (T3i) with a standard lens kit 18-55mm

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