Bianca Barreto – Rails, & Dimes

Was it Saturday or Sunday…. Well whatever day it was… Lets just say Monday…. I woke up with a knocking headache (mixing alcohol is never good). As I did my morning catch up on social media (my morning is about 2PM…. yea judge me) I see that Bianca Barreto responded to one of my twitter request for a photo shoot. We manage to contact each other, and bounce some ideas. I wanted her to dress up in a Storm Trooper helmet, and just wear a bikini… but you can obviously guess how that turned out… No didn’t happen. Instead we just decided on a simple shoot with a one piece bathing suit, a leather jacket, some heels, and some red lip stick. We booked a day to meet up, and I went about my week.

Thursday comes by, and Bianca meets up with me in San Lorenzo. It was my first time meeting her so I didn’t know what to expect really. She came out of the car with loads of energy, and laughing about how she almost killed the dude trying to get into his car in the parking spot next to her. I laughed, and before you know it we were on the way to our location to shoot. Talking to Bianca in the car, I can see her personality as fun, and chill. Once we get to the location she tells me. “You wanna see my scary face?” She lowers her smile, squints her eyes, and kinda grins…. I couldn’t help but smile. I can tell you that if she ever gets a knife in her hand, and tries to kill you. Your gonna die smiling because it looks so cute haha.

Shooting with Bianca was pretty fun. We streamed the shoot via Yevvo (btw follow us at @Djmarkyg and @Ayooitsbee ) and had a couple laughs. I never noticed, but the way I coordinate poses sound really ridiculous.  I would say stuff like “Bend over and pretend your grinding on guy” she would reply with “Can you show me how to grind on a guy”…. Yea didn’t know how awkward it was til I actually tried it… Yea no pics of that haha.

In short Bianca was a great model, and has a very easy going personality. We still got more shoots with her that we need to plan, so stay tuned!

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