KristenTheMess – 06/01/2014

She’s inked, in a band, knows how to weld a assault rifle, and lives in a digital world repping the Horde….. Don’t forget those eyes that can make you peer into your soul….. She’s hot stuff….. Kristen

Me: Where are you from?

Kristen: I’m originally from a small farm town Sumas, WA, but now I live in Los Angeles.

Me: What do you do?

Kristen: I work as the executive assistant for Susan Holmes Swimwear, Freelance Design. I’m the lead singer in Akari Mon Amour, and I just left my job as a event coordinator for an exciting new job, which I can’t talk about yet…

Me: I knew it your joining the Assassins Creed…..

Kristen: I love my jobs! I’m a busy woman, but all of them give me a chance to indulge myself in creativity, and being social.

Me: What got you into music?

Kristen: I’ve been playing piano since I was five, and sang French opera at the age of 13, at a theater in Washington.

Me: What was your main inspiration?

Kristen: In all honesty, being five yeas old you don’t really have in depth inspiration. My favorite movie was Barbie, and the Rockers. I wanted to be Barbie, and save the world with my band. Today my inspiration are all in my friend’s bands; Like Vultures, Miss Fortune, Outline in Color, Light Up the Eyes, Speaking the Kings, Pink Slips, and Walking Papers. They are the true Cinderella stories of working hard, not coming from much to succeed, and sharing their love for music with everyone.

Me: Tattoos… You have loads of them. What is your favorite piece, and what does it mean to you?

Kristen: That’s a really hard question…

Me: Really hard…. Bowchikawowow


Me: Yea…. go on….

Kristen: I love all my tattoos equally. I wouldn’t have gotten them if I didn’t. My most recent is done by Jay Joree at Last Angels ( ). My most hilarious is the one on my back that says “Like a Boss”. My best friend, and I wanted to get matching tattoos, and couldn’t decide on what to get. Needless to say we placed a bet, and…. well I lost….

Me: Haha that is epic! You plan on getting anymore?

Kristen: I probably won’t stop til I’m completely covered haha. I’m really into traditional, and neo traditional tattoos. I’ve also been really into religious, and occult art as of late. It’s all very visually, and historically interesting. There’s something about getting something taboo on yourself… Maybe it’s the shock value?

Me: You into video games?

Kristen: I don’t really have too much time these days to play, but I love them. I was really into Red Dead Redemption, GTA, Halo, and of course everything Zelda. In full disclosure, I used to really into World of Warcraft… Like really into WOW…..

Me: Horde or Alliance?

Kristen: FI_I(I< the Alliance!

Me: Yea horde chicks are sooo hot…. I would definitely bang a blood elf if I had a chance. Any favorite shows at the moment?

Kristen: I’ve got to hand it to the creators of Adventure Time. Finn, and Jake are pretty rad!

Me: Zombie apocalypse hits. Who would be on your dream team to fight through it?

Kristen: First person I would choose is my brother. He literally has a cellar full of supplies when it happens. He also taught me how to shoot an assault rifle….

Me: Check… Don’t get you mad…

Kristen: Second person would be my buddy Forrest Mankins. The guy navigates himself through the wilderness to take the most epic photos, not to mention he’s a great comic relief. The third would be my girl friend Michelle Muniz. Have you seen her sing!? She’s just a badass! ( Https:// )

Me: WTH I’am not on your dream team? I would definitely have you on mine…. Cuz I know I probably run faster than you… Take one for the team you know?.. Come to think about it…. I would hate to have myself on a dream team… Definitely will die…

Kristen: Yeah… I’m that girl that dies first in the horror movies….

Me: Let’s say you get bit. What would you do in your last moments?

Kristen: Remember all of the people I have had opportunity to love, and be grateful one last time.

Me: I would of bit you and say something like “Gotcha!”

Meeting, and working with Kristen was a FI_I(I<3n amazing!! Even though I broke her carry on wheels going up the stairs -_-… She kept it real, and we manage to pull some amazing shots. Make sure to follow her social network on Twitter and Instagram at @KristenTheMess , and her Facebook page at , and check out her band’s Instagram @Akarimonamour

Kristen: Special shout outs to

Like Vultures –

Michelle Muniz –

Light Up The Eyes –

Miss Fortune –

Outline in Color –

Speaking The Kings –

Pink Slips

Walking Paper

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