Kaylee Marie– 06/06/2014

Man sometimes I wish I lived in Vegas… Party every night, alcohol readily available, open card tables whenever I need to make money, and hot chicks that are into cars, and anime…. Yea I’am talking about Kaylee Marie.

Me: Where are you from?

Kaylee: I was born in Germany, but my dad was in the army, so we moved around alot. But my hometown is Pismo Beach, California.

Me: Right… Don’t mess with you… cuz your dad will kill me…. Any favorite football teams?

Kaylee: GO NINERS!!!!

Me: Too bad they lost (34-0 Broncos home game)! Yeah I’am a Raiders fan… although I go to more Niners games cuz of my friends -_-

Kaylee: I know 🙁 It’s all good!

Me: Into anime?

Kaylee: Just started to rewatch Inuyasha. The asian really comes out when it comes to anime haha

Me: WTH NO WAY! I just started watching Sword Art Online! What’s your favorite anime of all time!?

Kaylee: Besides Inuyasha, gotta love me some FullMetal Alchemist! or just about any Studio Ghibli film.

Me: Would you rather live in the Inuyasha Universe or FullMetal?

Kaylee: Depends on if I have powers or not HAHA. If I did, I think futile Japan would be where I’d belong haha.

Me: What power would you want?

Kaylee: Hmm man I don’t even know… Some sort of cute animal demon powers hahaha.

Me: You gotta marry one, kill one, and sleep with one. Kagome, Naraku, and Inuyasha. GO!

Kaylee: Hmm.. Kill Naraku of course, Sleep with Inuyasha, and marry Kagome if that’s possible haha.

Me: Play any video games?

Kaylee: A little bit haha, some Call of Duty every once in a while, and I did the beta testing for Destiny, so now just waiting for that to come out.

Me: So you mentioned Germany earlier. Do you speak German or any other languages?

Kaylee: I know very little German lol, and currently learning Tagalog.

Me: Why not Japanese! That way we can talk shit, and no one will know! and understand Anime haha! Have you been to any other countries? If not where would you want to go?

Kaylee: Other than Germany, I would love to travel all over Europe, Thailand, Philippines and Australia especially… Well anywhere really haha. That’s what I want to do with my life.

Me: Go to Japan, totally awesome haha. Favorite car at the moment or dream car?

Kaylee: It would have to be the 3rd generation Prelude, just because it was my first love. I’am going to check one out tomorrow btw haha dream car though would be the S2K.

Unfortunately we were on a strict time limit, but I hope to meet with Kaylee again to get more shots. Check out her IG at @Kayleemarie____ It was great working with Kaylee, and hopefully next time I see her we can do a cosplay shoot of her gender-bender Inuyasha! Now how awesome would that be!

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