Erikka Maroldo – 05/30/2014

Girls are always into cute stuff. Hello Kitty, Tiffany’s, LV, Gucci, Harry Potter, and a Taurus 357 hand cannon… Enter Erikka Maroldo.

Me: Where are you from?

Erikka: Tacoma, Washington, born and raised.

Me: If you had a chance to be any super hero, who would you be?

Erikka: I would definitely be Hit Girl, cause that little girl is bad ass!!! And that flash on her gun is dope!

Me: Who would you rather have save you from the sinking Titanic, Leonardo Dicaprio, Superman, Aquaman, or Batman?

Erikka: Leo, from the Titanic days when he was still sexy.

Me: Would you let Leo draw you like a french model too?

Erikka: FI_ICI< YEA!

Me: Alrite zombie apocalypse. Weapon of choice?

Erikka: Tarus 357

Me: Holy!!! Remind me not to mess with you

Erikka: LMAO you asked! I just picked something I owned lol See?

Me: DUDE! Point that somewhere eles! It’s aimed at my nuts!

Erikka: Fine….

Me: What ethnicity are you?

Erikka: Italian, German, and Black-Irish (Thats a Spanish Irish mix)

Me: A Italian, German, Black-Irish chick with a Taurus 357… Your day job isn’t a professional assassin or ninja is it….

Erikka: I am a manager at a dispensary. But I would love to be the don of my own mafia LOL

Me: Wow more reason for me to visit Washington….. Stop pointing that gun at me…. Favorite fantasy series?

Erikka: Definitely a Harry Potter nerd!

Me: Gruffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin?

Erikka: Griffindor

Me: Last question cuz I just realized that gun is loaded…. When is the next car show you plan to attend? And when is the next time we can see you in California!?

Erikka: Il be in Cali for a launch party, and a possible car show in September!

Me: Great! Now I am slowly gonna move away, cuz that hand canon is really making me nervous… I have the weirdest boner right now…..

It was great meeting Erikka! Cool chick… When that gun is not pointed at you…. But we hope to do another shoot again! Shout outs to @QuickShiftoilnlube in Westminister for letting us do these amazing shots! Make sure to check out their facebook HERE.


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