Hong Kong Part 5 – Big Buddha

Clubbing, drinking, girls, drinking, drugs, drinking, more girls,drinking, spending countless nights surrounded by bad vices, smoke, sweat, alcohol, and constant blurs. Hong Kong is a enabler for a person like me. You almost have a feel of being unstoppable…. Man I need some spiritual guidance at this point -_-. Woke up dehydrated, and decided I should do something spiritual to make sure I am still sane. Better go see Buddha…

The sea breeze felt refreshing, and the smell of the ocean…. Well it’s Hong Kong…. I arrived at Mui Wo Pier at around 2:30pm… Wait I just saw the last bus leave…. Oh no…. Well guess the trip is over? As I arrived to explore the small town, the last bus leaving to the Temple left. I basically traveled to this island for nothing… Then something happened… I praying mantis flys to my jacket sleeve…

This is good luck right? Shortly after, I see a couple of tourist from Britain line up behind me. They happen to be on the same ferry as me, and asked them if they were waiting for the bus. Well guess it was good luck. Looks like they were in the same situation! We decided to take a cab to the temple. Just hope the cab driver spoke english. After a thirty minute drive, and learning more of my new friends, we decided to stick together. We arrived to the temple front. Then the cab driver told us we only have 10 minutes before they close the temple….  Damn… Look at those steps…

Ok… Guess Buddha didn’t want to see me… Well guess what…. You are. We quickly ran up the steps, to get to the top… Well after a break Halfway…

The view at the halfway mark was incredible. The size of the Tian Tan Buddha statue was huge. Weighing in at 250 metric tons, and a height of 34 meters, the Tian Tan Buddha was a site to behold. You might be thinking, man it must of took years for people to bring material up here, and create this monument!…. Well hate to break it to you but this is kinda a modern design… The Tian Tan Buddha was erected (bowchikawowow) in 1993, made out of bronze. Well it also did take some time to build. A good 13 years….

Surrounding the Buddha, are several smaller statues known as “The offering of the six Devas” each offering a lamp, incense, ointment, flowers, fruit, and music to the Buddha. Each offering is used as a metaphor to patience, charity, meditation, morality, zeal, and wisdom, all of which are necessary to enter into nirvana.

It was an amazing view over the Po Lin Monastery, but my trip to nirvana is coming to an end. Away from the city, booze, and sins… I felt relaxed… But back to busy Hong Kong…. I wonder what will I do tonight… Most likely drink… Well looks like someone release the guard dogs BYE!!

All photos taken with a Canon 600d (T3i) with a standard lens kit 18-55mm

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