Ariya – 07/18/2014

She’s a mixed Latin girl from LA, with a New York state of mind. She got brains, and one hell of a deadly rep. Meet Ariya.

Me: Where are you from?

Ariya: I’am from Los Angeles, California.

Me: Ethnic background?

Ariya: I’am a mix of Caucasian, and Hispanic. I was brought up in two very different cultures, so I have a sophisticated latin spice.

Me: I like spice… So are you a city type of girl, or country barn chick?

Ariya: I’m a city girl! I know that for a fact once I moved to New York City for college. There is always something to do at any point in time when you live in the city! I love being active, I always need to be doing something productive, and fun.

Me:  New York! I wish I lived out there. So much opportunity… and hot girls. Any favorite video games?

Ariya: Through out high school, I focused a large amount of my time in school, so that I could go to a creditable university. So unfortunately video games were not allowed in our house.

Me: WHAT!? That sounds like the worst prison ever! Remind me to buy you a ps4… So we’re you able to watch TV at least?

Ariya: HAHA, yea! I love watching Futurama! That was my getaway point into a different reality. I think in pictures, so I am a day dreamer. I love the idea of alternate universes, super powers, and infinite possibilities in different dimensions.

Me: Man you are missing out…

Ariya: Only now am I learning about video games, manga, and comics. I missed out on so much, but I think it’s better this way! Teach me what I need to know!

Me: Haha favorite movie?

Ariya: Casablanca! I’m an old school black, and white movieholic. There are so many movies out there though that I would watch over and over, so it’s not easy to name my favorite. I am also into the end of the world, earthquakes, aliens taking over, or planet destruction type of movies. Also movies that mess with your mind like Inception.

Me: The world is under attack by giant mutant alien things! Would you fight it out, or try to find shelter, and hope someone like me would save the world haha.

Ariya: If the world was being attacked by aliens, I’d be the one trying to investigate as to why it’s happening, and how I can save many people as possible.

Me: Such a nerd…

Ariya: I would be some super hot scientist that finds a way to create an energy shield to protect the planet, and a way to get rid of the Aliens, or find a alternate means to get everyone off the planet onto another earth simulated planet.

Me:….A super hot sexy nerd…

Ariya: If I fight back, there would be some strategy to it. I won’t be the dummy fighting back all by my lonesome self. What good does that do?

Me: Ummm that sounds like the opposite of what I would do… Definitely would blow everything up. So I’am guessing you were the nerdy girl in school?

Ariya: I was the nerdy girl in high school, but didn’t look like it haha. I love dressing up, but I’m not that type whose  afraid to break a nail, and get dirty.

Me: How about in college?

Ariya: In college, I was told I’m the exotic Latina surrounded by blonde white girls. I didn’t have many girl friends, they gossip too much haha. I was “one of the guys”.

Me: Please don’t tell me you have a penis….

Ariya: NO! haha But il have a Nerf gun ready to take dow the enemy down the dorm hall. We had Nerf wars, and it would be one dorm floor against the other. haha I love my friends. They taught me fencing, learned how to paintball, and had some crazy drunk nights at some of the most famous places in the city of New York.

Me: I bet I could take you out in a Nerf war haha.

Ariya: Ha challenge accepted!

Ariya was so much fun to shoot! It was great learning about her story, and getting to where she is now. She’s got brains, and she’s bad ass hell! Stay tune for future shoots with this babe!

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)
Photographer, Dj, Gamer, Nerd, CEO of Enix LLC

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