Hot Import Nights 2014 – Historic Downtown San Pedro

Remember the car scene in Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift, where Sean Boswell enters the garage. Well yea it was exactly like that when we arrived at Hot Import Nights at the Historic Downtown San Pedro. A parking garage full of show cars, people spectating, music blasting, and girls walking all over the place. Welcome to Hot Import Nights.


The streets of downtown San Pedro, were shut down to host the yearly Hot Import Night LA. Covering three city blocks, were imports, europeans, and american show cars, model booths, vape booths, and a huge main stage.

Hot Import Nights LA is one of the biggest, and most popular car shows in the Nation. Cars, Models, sponsors from all over the Nation gather on this night to show off products, mods, and their hard work to create their perfect machine. The streets of San Pedro was full of life, and the fusion of the import culture was in full effect. The environment defined the import scene.

Venders included Rafael Clothing, SureFire Vapor, and Sylvania. The model lounge was also full of girls from all around the Nation. Lily Evans, Daniel Riel, Jessica Love, Kay Love, Kay Park, the list went on and on…

It was am honor to have attended one of Hot Import Nights biggest productions. We were able to eat good, enjoy talking to fellow tuners, get drunk off the small bars in the area, and check out all the hot models! I can’t wait until the next production!

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