Category: Interviews

Alexis Naiomi – 10/18/2014

What kinda girl gets into a 350z, and suddenly gets into the drifter life the moment she starts driving? Well… Alexis Naiomi is about that life.

Jessica Love – 09/21/2014

She’s a country girl living in the city of angels. Ambitious, beautiful, and she knows how to get dirty when she needs to. She also like Mario kart!! VROOOMMM!! Her [ … ]

Blasian – 08/07/2014

She’s a mix of ebony, and asian. An exotic mix that one must admire. Oh yea, mention she’s badddddd…..

Tina Jade – 07/18/2014

In a mans world, a great women can drift, play video games, and shoot guns… Well hello Miss Tina Jade…

Karen Sakai – 09/20/2014

I admit playing League of Legends all the time is the biggest pet peeve I do. What’s even better then that is seeing the different League Cosplays out in the gaming [ … ]

Ariya – 07/18/2014

She’s a mixed Latin girl from LA, with a New York state of mind. She got brains, and one hell of a deadly rep. Meet Ariya.

Kaylee Marie– 06/06/2014

Man sometimes I wish I lived in Vegas… Party every night, alcohol readily available, open card tables whenever I need to make money, and hot chicks that are into cars, [ … ]

KristenTheMess – 06/01/2014

She’s inked, in a band, knows how to weld a assault rifle, and lives in a digital world repping the Horde….. Don’t forget those eyes that can make you peer [ … ]

Morning Star – 05/30/2014

Oh Canada! You are one lucky nation. You got one of the baddest chicks in North America within your borders. She’s got class, tats and ass. Good morning, Morning Star!