Alexis Naiomi – 10/18/2014

What kinda girl gets into a 350z, and suddenly gets into the drifter life the moment she starts driving? Well… Alexis Naiomi is about that life.

Mark: So where are you from?

Alexis: I’m from San Diego

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Alexis: I was approached at a car show as an attendee to model in front of a car, and from there I gained connections and it took off!

Mark: Favorite superhero?

Alexis: My favorite super hero is definitely bat man, he’s a straight badass!

Mark: Yes Batman is FU(I<3N boss as fU(I< haha! How about Super Villians? Any favorite?

Alexis: Hmmmm… This may be pretty basic but Catwoman! She’s a baddie, I approve completely!

Mark: Have you ever done any cosplay?

Alexis: I have actually! It was of pikachu, pretty lame for a cosplay, but I loved being able to portray my art into my costume! I really want to do a cosplay of zelda, and go all out with it 🙂

Mark: If you were to be any super hero. Who would you be?

Alexis: I would be batman, he’s like the OG superhero for me, I’ve always wanted to be like him!

Mark: Who would be on your dream team if the world was over run with giant killer robots?

Alexis: I would want Michonne from the Walking Dead, because she’s a bad ass, and we would totally live. Next I would want Manny Pacquiao, because I’m pretty sure he could knock out a solid robot, or two. Lastly I would want Rachel Ray from the Food Channel, because good food is necessary at all times 🙂

Mark: Into any TV series?

Alexis: The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and I still watch Initial D all the time!

Mark: OMFG that’s awesome! Soo that leads me to ask. Favorite car?

Alexis: Ahhh my fave question. My favorite car will always be the 350z, because it was the first car I owned, and learned to drive stick in, and basically got me into cars. It had a stage 3 clutch, and was insanely hard to maneuver, but it made me love it even more. I even learned to drift in it, and competed in it a few times which was dope!

Mark: Damn about that drifter life!!!! Where can we find out more about u?

Alexis: Hollllla! Haha you can find me on Instagram @alexisnaiomi, or my fb page which is, hot import nights page, or my website with exclusive shoot behind the scenes and photos!

Alexis was pretty down to earth, and I appreciate that she drove from San Diego, to our shoot at Quickshift in Westminister. Make sure to check out her social network, and website!



Instagram: @alexisnaiomi

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