Carmen Vi – 08/06/2014

Street Fighter, a Charizard owner, and a cutie. Check out Carmen!

Mark: Where are you from?

Carmen: I’am from San Francisco!

Mark: Any hobbies?

Carmen: I like reading, hiking, traveling, and sleeping hahaha

Mark: Sleeping is a sport I am great in haha. Where would you like to travel to next?

Carmen: Europe, Asia, and visit all of the beaches, and hike all over the U.S.

Mark: Let’s say your stuck on “Dead Island”, surrounded by zombies. Name three people who would be part of your team.

Carmen: Harry Potter, Guile from Street Fighter, and Charizard. Harry Potter because he fucking killed Voldemort! I can have him killing zombies with witchcraft and wizardry , Charizard because he can set stuff on fire and so I can ride him and fly

Mark: Heh… Ride Him… Bowchikawowow

Carmen: Really…. well anyways, and Guile because he’s a badass, and I want his theme song to play while I’m fighting zombies.

Mark: Very good answer. Into any TV series?

Carmen: American Horror Stories, Peaky Blinders, and forever the favorite show, The Office!

Mark: Favorite super hero?

Carmen: Favorite super hero is Baymax from Big Hero 6!!!!

Carmen was fun to work with. We didn’t really have that much time to shoot, but we managed. We plan to update this section soon! So stay tuned! Make sure to check out her Instagram at @noirerabbit

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-Mark Gonzales
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