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Victoria Barajas – 03/14/2015

When we first met, I swear she was gonna kill me. She gave me that vibe that she’s just gonna bust out a giant sword, and go Kill Bill on [ … ]

Victoria Barajas – 03/14/2015 (Sneak Peak)

It has been a crazy couple day’s, and next week I’ll be covering the Big Wow Comic Convention in San Jose,  with the following week covering Autocon in Los Angeles. [ … ]

Roni Rose – 03/14/2015

I am a huge fan of comics, and I am a bigger fan on how some of the female characters are just… Sexy as hell. Fit, has the curves, and [ … ]

Khloe Lee – 11/21/2014

Every time I was in LA for the past year, I always plan in advance to keep in mind to shoot with Khloe… For the past couple times it never [ … ]

Asia Kristine – 11/22/2014

It was already a busy weekend. A friends baby shower, back to back shoots, the Kuya Model Expo. It was one of those days. We checked into our new hotel, [ … ]

Arley Elizabeth – 10/18/2014

She’s a boxing ring girl, a umbrella girl, she likes video games, and knows her cars. She also knows how to geek… Did I mention she’s hot! Say hi to [ … ]

Charlie Sylar – 10/18/2014

Nothing is more hotter than a chick that can ride. In this case were talking about bikes… Geez people get your head out the gutter. This is Charlie.

Kayy Love – 09/20/2014

She has a growing fan base, and a seductive look. It’s Sailor URANUS. Kay:”SHUT UP!” I mean Kayy Love.