Khloe Lee – 11/21/2014

Every time I was in LA for the past year, I always plan in advance to keep in mind to shoot with Khloe… For the past couple times it never happened because of both our busy schedule… We can blame hangovers, and nights of partying. But finally we we’re able to set something up! We made up for all the push back times, and did a two part shoot! Say hello to SoCal’s very own. Khloe Lee!

Mark: Where are you from?

Khloe: I was born in Los Angeles and  raised in Orange County.

Mark: What ethnicity are you?

Khloe: I am 100% Korean, but I prefer to spell it “Corean” since it is the original spelling. Yes, I have a lot of Korean Pride ^.^

Mark: -_- So “Corean” what got you into modeling.

Khloe: Haha! I never saw myself in the modeling industry until I was introduced to QuickShift, the first jiffy lube for motorcycles. Through QuickShift, I had my first professional photoshoot and social event in which the experiences revealed a part of myself that had been suppressed by the cultural and family expectations, as well as other personal factors that hindered me from embracing who I truly am as an individual. I saw modeling as an opportunity to explore my identity beneath the social expectations and reputations such as, being that “Quiet Asian girl” in class. I may never become “America’s Next Top Model” or the next big import model, but I am happy with who I’ve become today and that’s all that matters 🙂

Mark: Wow, so you must really enjoy what your doing. I’am pretty sure you’ll make it up there. Your quickly gaining a name, and growing real popular! Keep at it! You into any anime, or video games?

Khloe: I loved Spirited Away! Video games… I grew up with two older brothers and one younger brother so there’s just too many to choose from. I never actually got serious about video games but when I play, I have a lot of fun! I definitely love car racing games like Need For Speed or GTA. Super Smash is always a good one. Mario Kart is pretty fun too! Oh and I can’t forget Street Fighter, that one was always a top favorite.

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Check out Part Two here!

Check out our first set till then!

Check out Part Two here!

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