Kayy Love – 09/20/2014

She has a growing fan base, and a seductive look. It’s Sailor URANUS. Kay:”SHUT UP!” I mean Kayy Love.

Mark: Where are you from?

Kayy: Im born and raised in LA.

Mark: What ethnicity are you?

Kayy: Filipino

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Kayy: I got into modeling because Ive always been a car enthusiast. Id always go to carshows with friends & cousins. One day I got offered to model in front of cars, and some teams. Ever since then Ive been modeling.

Mark: Have you ever traveled?

Kayy: I’ve been to the Philippines, and I love it. The tropical islands, and beaches are amazing.

Mark: Where would you like to travel next?

Kayy: I would really love to travel through Europe, and maybe South America, like Brazil. It looks so beautiful there.

Mark: Which Sailor Moon character would define you?

Kayy: I would have to say Sailor Uranus.

Mark: Heh… Uranus.


Mark: What type of movies are you into?

Kayy: Comedy/Romances are my favorite. Plus chick flicks.

It was great working with Kay. You can catch her at model expos, car shows, and other events in the SoCal area. To keep up with her schedule make sure to follow her on Twitter, and IG to keep up to date!

Twitter: @KayyLove92

Instagram: @KayyLove92

Facebook: Kayy Love

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