Category: Interviews

Grace Ding – 05/17/2015

It’s sooo damn hot! Who’s idea was it to shoot at the park -_- (Gonna blame Martin). Say hello to Grace! And yes she likes Mass Effect! Rare one she [ … ]

Rose Marie – 05/16/2015

Sacramento has lots of cool spots to shoot around. Riverbanks, Old Sacramento, grasslands, but all I needed was a brick wall, and a bedroom. This is Rose Marie.

Marica Hase – 04/25/2015

Who ever thought that one day I get to shoot one of the worlds most famous Japanese porn stars… Well we didn’t shoot porn, and we just ended up getting Mexican [ … ]

Diana Love – 05/16/2015

It is rare for me to go further pass the Richmond area within the past couple years since moving back from Sacramento.There is nothing for me that I need to do. [ … ]

The Experience – Year One

About a little over 2 years ago, I was traveling around Asia for 6 months. I was by myself taking street photos in Philippines, Hong Kong, and Japan. My best [ … ]

Hazel Seliy – 05/16/2015

Sometime’s when I have a major photoshoot session, I run out of time rotating models. But recently I’ve been pulling off 15 minute shoots. Hazel joined our session, and I [ … ]

Darlene May – 04/25/2015

It’s late night, 1AM… The day was long… Autocon was long… And we are still shooting at the hotel. I was just exhausted at this point. Then one of the [ … ]

Renee Bryant – 04/25/2015

After a very long day covering Autocon in Panoma, we decided to head to the hotel for more work. Renee Bryant a former model who recently came back into the [ … ]

Lila Vy – 04/09/2015

Since our last shoot at Fort Baker, we took the time to try to set up our next shoot. It went from next week, to next month, to uhh when [ … ]