Renee Bryant – 04/25/2015

After a very long day covering Autocon in Panoma, we decided to head to the hotel for more work. Renee Bryant a former model who recently came back into the modeling industry hit me up to set up a shoot. Now who would imagine that a girl this hot would be a fan of Kingdom Hearts… We just became good friends. This is Renee Bryant…

Mark: Where are you from?

Renee: I’am from Redlands area in California.

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Renee: I’ve always been interested in fashion, and always had dreams of being a Victoria Secret Angel.

Mark: What are your favorite movies?

Renee: It would be a three-way tie between “The Dark Knight, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Breakfast Club.

Mark: Batman vs. Superman – Who would you date?

Renee: Batman Duh! Haha

Mark: If you were any super hero or villain who would you be?

Renee: I would probably be Poison Ivy. The power to control plants, her confidence, and sex appeal is a perfect fit for me haha.

Mark: Video games?

Renee: YEA! Especially RPG’s. My all time favorite would be Kingdom Hearts! I also love Arkham Asylum, and Lego Batman, just because me, and my little sister would stay up all night playing it before she left to Florida for school.

Mark: Umm we just became friends… and I am 10 times more attracted to you… Your the best….

Working with Renee was great despite being late night, and tired as hell. I hope we can link up again, and get another set on my next trip down to SoCal.

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