Hazel Seliy – 05/16/2015

Sometime’s when I have a major photoshoot session, I run out of time rotating models. But recently I’ve been pulling off 15 minute shoots. Hazel joined our session, and I couldn’t really get the time in to shoot, and do a small interview. But here’s one of my famous 15 minute shoots!

Mark: Hey sorry, for the quick shoot. Next time we definitely gotta do some work! Where are you from?

Hazel: I’am from Sacramento. The city of trees, and Valley Weather!

Mark: More like city of extreme heat, and allergies… I am dying…

Hazel: Get use to it!

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Hazel: I got into modeling a few years ago when I met a local photographer who saw potential in me. He told me to join his all girls import team. So I went with it for fun and experiences. Soon after I fell in love with modeling. Ever since then i’ve been learning, & advancing throughout the years, and here I am today!

Mark: Nice! Who’s your favorite superhero?

Hazel: I would have to say Spider-Man. But I don’t know. Maybe cuz Toby Mcguire played his role, and he’s just a really good actor to me. Besides what other hero has cool spider web powers.

Mark: I think I was a cool super hero…. Spider-Man, Batman, or Superman. Who would you hubby?

Hazel: Superman because he’s got the brains, and has super strength, Definitely would love someone who can help lift things around the house hahaha.

Mark: Which Sailor Moon character defines you?

Hazel: Sailor Moon would define me best. I’am just like her! I would always have my friends back, and i’m always try to be understanding of others!

Mark: Where can we find you on the web to keep up-to-date with your modeling?

Hazel: Check out my IG and Facebook Fanpage!

IG: @HazelSeliy

Facebook: www.FaceBook.com/thehazelseliy

It was great working with Hazel, but we only had one setting before my next rotation, and she had limited time to stay. In the end she was fun to work with, and can’t wait to meet up with her again to get a proper shoot!

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)
Photographer, Dj, Gamer, Nerd, CEO of Enix LLC

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