Blox Evolution 2015 – Pier 70 San Francisco

One of the most unique car shows in Northern California. It is a convention hosted at an abandon factory at Pier 70, containing over 100 modified, exotic machines, vape booths, vendors, blasting music, and hot girls… This is Blox Evolution 2015.

About the same time last year, I attended Blox Evolution with no media access… Well I also showed up the last hour of the event. I covered as much as possible at the time, but this year I was prepared. I arrived at the warehouse at 12PM, one hour before the event was open to the public. But even then, about 100 people we’re already covering the event.

The production this year has topped the previous year in attendance, and performances. With live breakdance competitions, graffiti expedition, and a more centralized stage location for people to view the scheduled events.

At this time, I have met many of the models, and venders that have attended, including Ashley Vee, and the big brother Kuya Abe. This year there was a huge line up for food trucks. There were bars located around the venue, which was in my opinion the best thing ever!

Blox Evolution definitely stepped up their production levels, and I can’t wait until next year. With the amount of attendance, and the increase amount of venders, I expect next year to be a bigger mix of car culture, and hot models.

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)
Photographer, Dj, Gamer, Nerd, CEO of Enix LLC

-Marky G

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