Category: Interviews

Keo – 09/19/2015

I randomly encounter people that I shoot. This time I met with this bad chick name Keo. She had that LA state of mind with that Seattle body…. But there [ … ]

Jules Kay – 09/19/2015

I’ve always wanted to shoot Jules Kay, and finally I had the chance to… But it wasn’t what I expected… Remember that song 4 minutes by Avant? Well this shoot [ … ]

Ngan La – 08-06-2015

She’s living in LA reppin the Bay. Down to earth, smart, cute, and best of all… She loves cars. This is my set with Ngan.

Chantel Chante – 08/07/2015

Sometime’s you never know who your gonna meet. Another day, another face. I met Chantel Chante on a shoot we had set up at Huntington Beach. The sun dying down, [ … ]

Calithi – 07/15/2015

My friend referred one of her coworkers to set up a shoot. She never really modeled before, and I told her I could help her out. When I first met [ … ]

Chanel Li – 06/19/2015

When we have massive shoots, there are times I just don’t have time. We all know them as my famous 15 minute shoots. Chanel Li was someone I wanted to [ … ]

Morelia – 06-19-2015

The day was finally coming to a end… Well I kept telling that to myself during our massive shoot at Quickshift in Westminster. But we we’re there for some time, [ … ]

Heather Licious – 06/19/2015

It finally happened. After meet, after meet we were finally able to set up a time to shoot, and what better place to pull off her look. Quickshift in Westminster, [ … ]

Krystal Shay – 05/17/2015

California’s capital is the home of many hunnies, and bunnies… in this case I am talking about this Playboy Live chick. The one and only Kush Bunny, Krystal Shay!

Chelly L. – 04/25/2015

When she first got to the session we just chilled for a moment just chopping it up, talking about work, school, what we want to do, and how we should [ … ]