Keo – 09/19/2015

I randomly encounter people that I shoot. This time I met with this bad chick name Keo. She had that LA state of mind with that Seattle body…. But there was a catch… Yes… She’s from Canada “SHUT UP”-Keo. Yea let’s see how this goes before she kills me. This is my set with Keo.

Mark: Where are you from?

Keo: Winnipeg, MB, Canada.


Keo: What!?

Mark: Canada….

Keo: Is better….

Mark: Next question, What ethnicity are you?

Keo: I am Vietnamese & French.

Mark: What got you into the fitness & modeling gig?

Keo: Well, modeling came as a natural step in my career as a fitness competitor. I have always been comfortable in front of the camera and on stage. I’ve always known girls who were into the scene and the fitness edge put a little bit of unique flair into who I am as a model.

Mark: Definitely! Cuz your hot!… and boobs.

Keo: Haha yea! I’m very good at keeping my personal life off social media and dealing with being in the public eye so it was no brainer. This business was built for tough skin!

Mark: Boobs

Keo: Pay attention!

Mark: Right… Umm Favorite TV show?

Keo: Favorite TV show has to be “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “Seinfeld” because I relate so much to the show. But as of lately I’ve gotten so into Narcos because I’ve always had a fascination for Pablo Escobar’s legacy. With the show being dramatized so much, it only added to the fascination.

Mark: Love that show. I wish I made bank like him haha. How about movies?

Keo: Momento!

Mark: You are now my best friend.

Keo: Haha I can’t think of a better psychological thriller that doesn’t have me feeling like the plot was too predictable. Guy Pearce is the man.

Mark: Favorite super hero?

Keo: Wolverine

Mark: If you can have any super power, what will your abilities be?

Keo: It would be the ability to set things on fire… Mainly people…

Mark:….. It’s cuz I keep looking at your boobs huh.

Keo: Yep…

Mark: Ummm about that… if we we’re in a zombie apocalypse, who would be the three people in your survival team?

Keo: Rick Grimes, Charlie Day and Pablo Escobar. Rick Grimes and Pablo are smart and deadly. Charlie would be a good entertainer for the group to help keep morality and if all eles fails, he’d be the weakest so we could kill him and eat him for a bit.

Mark: That would be the best answer yet… Quick! You have bang one, kill one, and marry one. Rogue from X-Men, Wonder Woman, and Captain America! Go!

Keo: Il have sex with Wonder Woman, marry Rogue, and Kill Captain Mericuh haha

Mark: Biggest inspiration?

Keo: Robert Crumb. No one more honest has ever lived.

Keo was great to work with and loads of fun. We ended up taking her to HIN San Carlos and the trip there was just making fun of each other the entire time… and boobs. Definitely a great friend now and maybe the only reason to visit Winnipeg.

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