Krystal Shay – 05/17/2015

California’s capital is the home of many hunnies, and bunnies… in this case I am talking about this Playboy Live chick. The one and only Kush Bunny, Krystal Shay!

Mark: Where are you from?

Krystal: I’m from Northern Cali!

Mark: What goy you into modeling?

Krystal: I got into modeling to inspire woman that no matter what you’re dream is you can do anything!

Mark: Have you watch Shia Labeouf’s motivational speech? haha JUST DO IT!

Krystal: Haha shut up! What I mean is that I’m not plastic, and I’m modeling. I want every girl to know she’s beautiful.

Mark: So how did you get into the whole Playboy thing?

Krystal: Well I became part of their online division when they sent me an email two years after I submitted to their magazine. So I will be doing lots of them in the near future!

Mark: Sweet! You must be very excited for that! So I know your part geeky.

Krystal: Haha I liked the new Star Wars, and I love Harry Potter! I also kick ass on X-Box playing Mortal Combat!

Mark: Button smasher! haha just kidding! Ok so you need to kill one, marry one, and have sex with one. Scorpion, Kitana, and Sonya! Go!!!

Krystal: I would choose Scorpion to have sex with because he’s the only guy haha

Mark: Dammit I was expecting him to die, and you have sex with a chick -_-

Krystal: HAHA JERK! I would marry Kitana because she’s hot and she kicks ass! I would kill Sonya… Cuz she’s not all that…

Mark: Darth Vader and Voldemort are in war. Which Army would you join? The Dark Side or the Death Eaters!?

Krystal: I would join Voldemort side in war!

Mark: The Force is weak with this one… So I know you have a massive fan base. We know you got major love for them, and I would like to know what or who inspires you to be the person you are?

Krystal:Hmm. Who inspired me to be who I am today… Well Honestly I came from two totally opposite families, and I have a stepmom and real mom. I look to both of them. They both made me want to reach my dreams and show them that anything is possible and no matter what obstacles get in your way you could always do or be who you want.

Mark: That is a great way to live life…

It was great working with Krystal! She is soo full of life, and knows how to joke around. Make sure to visit her social media to keep up with her at:

Instagram: @KushBunnyy

Chatstar: Krystal_Shay

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)
Photographer, Dj, Gamer, Nerd, CEO of Enix LLC

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