Chelly L. – 04/25/2015

When she first got to the session we just chilled for a moment just chopping it up, talking about work, school, what we want to do, and how we should do our shoot. Then I asked her “Do you rage?”  Her reply…”HELL YEAH!”… And this was the story of how we became friends… This is Chelly L.

Mark: Where are you from?

Chelly: Los Angeles, California!

Mark: What ethnicity are you?

Chelly: Chinese

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Chelly: A photographer approached me, then as I do more shoots I realized photography is a team effort. I love collaborating with creative people!

Mark: Into any TV series at the moment?

Chelly: One of my latest favorite is American Greed!

Mark: Whoa! You need to be pretty damn ambitious to learn about what it takes to get power! That is definitely a sexy trait about you haha.

Chelly: Haha Thank you.

Mark: So I know your into the EDM scene, and I gotta ask, who is your all time favorite EDM artist?

Chelly: Skrillex!


Chelly: Hell yeah! I think Skrillex is really talented, and intelligent! On top of that he still sounds so humble in spite of his success.

Mark: So who would be your hubby? Skrillex, Tiesto, or Hardwell?


Mark: Haha nice, so we’re going to Tomorrowland right?

Chelly: Definitely! Haha my dream festival is Tomorrowland in Belgium, and it’s actually going on this week! haha Tomorrowland is one of the first and original music festivals, and I love traveling so the traveling will be a plus!

Mark: Hell yeah! So what was one of your biggest dreams as a child?

Chelly: I wanted to be a cop for the longest time when I was little….

Mark: Miss Officer…. You can arrest me haha

Chelly: Haha yea but my grandma always wanted me to join beauty pageants, but I wanted to do the opposite of that haha.

It was great working with Chelly. She was really down to earth, and we had a great time shooting. Definitely gonna see more of her in my shoots. If you want to keep up with miss officer Chelly, check out her social media links!

Instagram: @Che_lley

Facebook: Official Chelley L

FoxyLeague: Chelly L

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)
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