Calithi – 07/15/2015

My friend referred one of her coworkers to set up a shoot. She never really modeled before, and I told her I could help her out. When I first met Calithi, she was upbeat, and quickly became comfortable. At first I thought I had to direct her through the shoot, but as soon as the lights started flashing, she moved like a pro.

Mark: Where are you from?

Calithi: I was born and raised in San Francisco! But now living in San Jose.

Mark: What ethnicity are you?

Calithi: Vietnamese and 1/4 French

Mark: What would be one place you would like visit one day?

Calithi: I would want to visit New Zealand because of the amazing natural sceneries.

Mark: Who is one of the biggest inspirations in your life?

Calithi: My parents no doubt. They taught me how to work hard for what you want and that nothings free unless you put your mind into what you believe in, and that family health and my happiness should not just be my goal but a lifestyle.

Mark: Wow that is really a important lesson. Glad it molded you into what you are now. Stay humble. But away from the serious questions. Favorite super hero or villain?

Calithi: Haha I would say Jokey case I feel like I can relate to him in some crazy way haha.

Mark: YES! Joker is one of my favorites! The evil in him is just real! Haha

Calithi: Right! haha

Mark: Favorite movie?

Calithi: Oh man that’s a hard one.

Mark: That’s what she said Bowchikawowow

Calithi: SHUT UP! haha I have so many favorite movies. Star Wars, Friday, Beautiful Mind, Shawshank Redemption that list can go on.

Mark: Who would win in a battle. Darth Vader or the dup Joker and Hayley Quinn?

Calithi: That’s another hard one…

Mark: Bowchika

Calithi: NO!

Mark:….. wowow

Calithi: I’am gonna kill you haha. Well I would have to say Joker mainly because his mind is created in madness, and his creativity and planning is unique from any other characters I can think of. He can think of some way to destroy Vader, and plus Hayley Quinn got that manipulation with her in my opinion.

Mark: Your right… Hayley Quinn is so hot…

It was fun shooting with Calithi, and she shows a natural talent in the way we shot. I hope to shoot some more of her soon. Make sure to check out her Instagram at @Calithi

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)
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