Chantel Chante – 08/07/2015

Sometime’s you never know who your gonna meet. Another day, another face. I met Chantel Chante on a shoot we had set up at Huntington Beach. The sun dying down, and not much time, we just said hi, and we got down to work. Check out Chantel Chante.

Mark: Where are you from?

Chantel: Born in Spokane, raised in Tacoma.

Mark: Spokane? …. Nardia?

Chantel: SHUT UP!

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Chantel: Modeling is something I’ve always wanted to do. I woke up one day and realized dreams don’t come true unless you put in the hard work. So I scheduled a Photoshoot, searched for different modeling groups I could join and it all went from there.

Mark: Who is one of your biggest inspiration?

Chantel: My biggest inspiration in the fashion world is Tyra Banks, she’s the type of person that won’t let you tell her she can’t do something or won’t succeed, she’ll prove you wrong every time. I find myself to be the same way.

Mark: Ninjas or storm troopers?

Chantel: Ninjas… Definitely Ninjas haha

Mark: Ok we can be friends.

Chantel: What a jerk haha.

Mark: Favorite movie?

Chantel: Temptations, I could watch it everyday.

Mark: Which super power would you have?

Chantel: Decisions, decisions…. Can I make one up?

Mark: N..

Chantel: I’d call myself Aota, short for “All of the above”. Meaning I can do every power you can think of…

Mark: Cheater… Spider-Man, iron man, superman, all come to your rescue, but started to fight to see who would win your heart. Who would you root for?

Chantel: Superman, that man can do anything. Right? Hahaha

Mark: Zombies take over the world. Who would be the 3 people you would have on your team to survive?

Chantel: Hmm, Omg that’s a tough one! Ok I’d choose the strongest guy in the world, the smartest guy in the world, and the guy that’s been stocking up, waiting for a zombie apocalypse all his life. hahaha.

It was a great way to end the day. Sun down, and meeting someone really cool. It was great becoming friends with someone I never met or known before. Make sure to check her !

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-Mark Gonzales
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