Chanel Li – 06/19/2015

When we have massive shoots, there are times I just don’t have time. We all know them as my famous 15 minute shoots. Chanel Li was someone I wanted to work with for some time, and we finally got the time to pull it off at Quickshift in Westminster!

Mark: Where are you from? and What ethnicity are you?

Chanel: I’m originally from Quezon City, Philippines. Born and raised there and moved to Los Angeles, California. So I’m proud to say I’m filipina! But sure enough, my parents are mixed breed as well haha. Spaniard, French, and Chinese blood!

Mark: Favorite super hero?

Chanel: I’m a big fan of Superhero comics and movies! So just understand i’m carefully thinking who I really like to call my ultimate superhero.

Mark: Choose carefully you must.

Chanel: Haha Well I really was into marvel comics growing up, and I loved X-Men. Not quite sure if people would consider mystique a “hero” but she’s been my favorite out of all characters because… come on! Who wouldn’t wanna change into anything they wanna be and copy exactly someone else’s powers! I’d feel powerful as fuck if I could that!

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Chanel: Vaping got me into modeling. I was offered to promote e-juice companies by taking pictures of their products. Then I branched out into doing automotive, and clothing brands.

Mark: Nice, and I know your having lots of fun doing it. What are some inspirations that you have in your life?

Chanel: What truly inspired me to get into this industry is the ability to pursue and continue my mom’s dream to be a model / actress. Although I’m not as gorgeous as my mom, at least I can say I’ve done a lot of projects so far for the short amount of time I’ve been in this industry.

Mark: How long is short exactly?

Chanel: Less than a year haha

Mark: Wait… what your telling me is your mom is hotter than you?

Chanel: Don’t even think about it….

Mark: Who would win in a fight. Mystique or Jubilee?

Chanel: It could really go both ways. Jubilees has tremendous amount of powers, and “superheroes” usually wins…

Mark: Yea blind her with her those fireworks hahaha

Chanel: Haha But then again Mystique could always morph into a character that resembles Jubilee’s trusted friend and trick her into thinking they’re on the same team, until Mystique goes for the kill….

Mark: and you wanted to be Mystique…. That is actually kinda sexy lol

Chanel: OMG shut up! haha Being a supervision is too dope! I think I’d rather become a supervision than a superhero cause i’m too much of a rebel haha!

Mark: uhhh yea you would distract me and kill me with those looks -_-

I had a great time working with Chanel, and I hope to catch her again! Check out her social media at.

Instagram: @ChaneLoves

Facebook: Team Chanel Li

Shout outs to @QuickShiftMe in Westminster for letting us do these amazing shots! Make sure to check out their social network!


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