Lila Vy – 04/09/2015

Since our last shoot at Fort Baker, we took the time to try to set up our next shoot. It went from next week, to next month, to uhh when are we going to shoot? Well after months of planning we both decided to randomly set up a shoot, and plan a trip to Autocon Panoma. Check out Lila Vy.

Mark: Where are you from?

Lila: I am from Oakland, CA.

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Lila: I got into modeling mostly as a creative outlet while going to school and working a 9-5. Turns out I am pretty good at it!

Mark: Which Sailor Moon character defines you & why?

Lila: Is this a question you only ask Asian girls or everyone -_-.

Mark: I think this is the 2nd time I asked this question haha. And no it’s not cuz ur Asian.

Lila: Ok.. Hella Sailor Moon fans are probably gonna hate me for this answer but I honestly don’t remember their personalities. I really liked Sailor V back in the day haha.

Mark: Yea they would hate you haha. What was your favorite topic during your college years?

Lila: I had one class that I was total nerd about. I loved my evolutionary psychology class.

Mark: I don’t think that is gonna help you in a zombie apocalypse. Which leads to my next question. Pick 3 people who you would team up with in a zombie apocalypse.

Lila: Superman to kill all the zombies, Kevin Hart to bring a little humor to life once it’s over, and Apple’s CEO Tim Cook to restore some order, and balance into the economy… Il just be there to model haha.

Mark: Wow way not to have me on your team -_-:

Lila: Brah, you wanna live or not? Hahaha

Mark: What future shows can we expect you at?

Lila: I am returning to Hot Import Nights, Spocom, and Blox. You can check all the info on my IG!

It was great working with Lila, and we had a great trip heading down to Autocon Ponoma! I have one more set with her, and you can definitely expect more of her in my shoots!

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-Mark Gonzales
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