Khloe Lee – 11/23/2014

Finally part two of Khloe Lee….

 Continued from Part 1

Mark: Favorite car?

Khloe: It’s difficult to select a favorite car because there’s so many to choose from, but I have to admit. I would love t own a Lambo one day.

Mark: Would you rather date Batman or Superman?

Khloe: Neither, Iron Man

Mark: Who is one of your biggest inspirations?

Khloe: I owe my life to my family, especially my parents for bringing me into this world. I know they will never give up on me. Particularly my dad. He raised me to be extremely independent, so I’ve grown to rely on myself. Therefore, I believe I can only be my greatest inspiration. The life lessons I treasure till this day are the ones that I’ve learned from my own mistakes, and experiences.

Mark: That is a great source of inspiration. That is a great trait. So lets say the world was gonna end, and you had a ship to take only 3 people. Who would they be, and why?

Khloe: It would be my mom, dad, and youngest brother. No matter what family first till the day I die.

It was great working with Khloe, and we plan on doing more projects in the future!

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