Roni Rose – 03/14/2015

I am a huge fan of comics, and I am a bigger fan on how some of the female characters are just… Sexy as hell. Fit, has the curves, and has those killer eyes… But she’s not from a comic series. This is Roni Rose.

Mark: Where are you from?

Rose: The Bay Area, been a Cali girl all my life!

Mark: So what got you into modeling?

Rose: I got into the modeling thing when I was about 14 years old started off doing a cheerleading uniform photoshoot. As I got older I became a dancer, and my modeling progressed, becoming more sexier.

Mark: So why dancing?

Rose: One of the things great about being a dancer and a model is that dancing helps to keep me in tip top shape. Being in shape helps me get the modeling gigs. Turning work into pleasure and into something that brings you the benefits of money is a superpower in itself.

Mark: So you into any comics, cuz you definitely fit the role of Storm from X-men haha.

Rose: I am a bit of a comic lover! I try to embrace the look of a sexy superhero women. One of my favorite shows to watch right now is Gotham. I once did a Photoshoot where I was body painted as my own version of Storm. Something that will be out soon.

Working with Rose just felt so natural, at times we even had the same idea. Her experience, and clear attitude expressed her confidence in herself, without the need for words. I had lots of fun during our shoot, and we manage to get some great shots.

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)

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