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North West Fan Fest 2015 – Day 3

I knew taking 14 shots of Jack was a bad mistake. With only less than 30 hours left in Vancouver, Canada I had a choice. Spend 2 hours site seeing [ … ]

Fanime 2015

Last year, I had no clue what to expect from one of Northern California’s biggest Anime Convention. But this year I came prepared. The streets filled with streams of Kill [ … ]

Fanime 2015 – Day 2 Photos

Well it’s day 2 of Fanime, and day one for me! It was great meeting everyone, and I tried my best to meet up with everyone! If I couldn’t get [ … ]

AutoCon 2015 – Fairplex Ponoma

Lovely southern California weather! The hot sun, cool breeze, the beach full of life, fun, and girls in short shorts and tank tops. You gotta love California! Except…. It was [ … ]

Hong Kong Part 5 – Big Buddha

Clubbing, drinking, girls, drinking, drugs, drinking, more girls,drinking, spending countless nights surrounded by bad vices, smoke, sweat, alcohol, and constant blurs. Hong Kong is a enabler for a person like me. [ … ]

Sac-Anime 2014

I hate traffic… But I love anime… The things I do for my love… Since I’am based out in the Bay Area, I had to make a grueling 2 hour drive [ … ]