AutoCon 2015 – Fairplex Ponoma

Lovely southern California weather! The hot sun, cool breeze, the beach full of life, fun, and girls in short shorts and tank tops. You gotta love California! Except…. It was cold… and raining… water everywhere…. but the girls were still in short shorts, and tank tops! PLUS some of the meanest, cleanest, well modified toys you will ever seen. This was AutoCon 2015… Gotta love California!

It was warm, and sunny when we left the hotel… As we made our drive into Ponoma, the rain just hit us out of nowhere. It was also a bad day to wear some chucks…

This was the first Autocon that I have been to. I didn’t get a press pass, because according to the promo staff, the website was buggy. A week before the event we e-mailed Autocon to check on the status of our press, and model passes, and received an email saying the press passes have been distributed, and no more press passes are available. But that didn’t stop us from getting in with our models.

Held at the Fairplex in Ponoma, the event took place in one of the old airplane hangers. A straight warehouse full of Mercedes, BMW’s, Lexus, Nissans, Toyotas, Hondas, Fords, and all sorts of different machines. The rain did not stop car enthusiast from coming all over Southern California. The event was full of events, with models constantly working their way around, and a list of contest, and crowd interactions displaying on the main stage. But enough of that, check out the photos!

It was a great production! The layout was perfect to allow guest to circulate throughout the warehouse. Placements of the main stage, and venders have been spread out, giving interaction to guest at every corner. I had lots of fun checking out the cars, and networking with the techs. I hope to come back again next year with the proper credentials, but I had fun meeting up with the models, and catching up!

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