Blox Evolution 2014 – Pier 70 San Francisco

Pier 70? Where the hell is that? As I came into the area, I was surrounded by warehouses, and industrial works. But still no sign of a car show in sight. A small banner reading the Blox logo waved in the distance. I approach the area, and downhill, was a pool of models, and shiny toys….

Evolution is a production of Blox, and has been growing every passing year. This is was my first Blox event, and the setting was just amazing. A warehouse in an industrial area, where machines are meant to be. The outdoors had rows of Lexus, Hondas, Nissans, and several Euro vehicles. They even had a couple of the local food trucks come in, and park. This was cool because we had a great selection from Hongry Kong, Adam’s Grub Truck, Sugar & Spun, and Red Rooster Tacos. Inside the warehouse were the model booths, and great selection of cars. The lighting in the Warehouse made great shots as I scoped out the area. Check out these shots.

Blox has a great thing going, and I expect their events to evolve. The combination of lifestyle, fashion, music, and car was perfect at the event. It reflects a culture that many can relate to. I can see big things coming with this show, and I will definitely be back for the next one.

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