Big Wow Comic Fest 2015 Coverage by Marky G.

It was just a regular day in San Jose. I arrived at the San Jose convention center after spending a good 30 minutes looking for parking. I gathered my gear, and started my walk toward the convention center. At first there was a couple bums, and some people grabbing some lunch at La Vics. The next block I started to see people wearing their badges from the event. As I waited at the stop light, I wondered who I will see first… Well there goes Spider-Man across the street… And Batman.. And Catwoman… OH 5h1t! I’am late for the photo op!. I ‘am back at Big Wow Comic Fest…


This was my 2nd time personally attending the event. As you know, last year coverage was done by my good friend Martin with Martian Pictures. This year 1nk5 has me back at the front line to talk to guest, and of course the cosplayers that make these events special.

This year was quite different. I mean different! First thing I noticed when I entered the first room, was a huge group of people surrounding what at first thought was Neal Adams doing his signing. But I was differently thrown off when I saw Darth Vader riding a mechanical bull… Yes there was a mechanical bull at Big Wow Comic Fest… I still wished they had a full on inflatable obstacle course… 11159519_455742537925535_5737923358769633736_n

Took this photo above from my iphone.

Special guest this year included Tom Felton who played Malfoy from Harry Potter, and Jake Lloyd who plaid as little Anakin from Star Wars: Episode 1, and Daniel Cudmore who played Colossus from X-Men. The main room was filled with people the entire time. I manage to talk to Neal Adams again, who vaguely remembers me getting chased by the Storm Troopers from my first visit to Big Wow Comic fest. We spoke of the trailer of the new Batman Vs. Superman movie. I had to ask him “Who would win?” he laughed, and just gave me the death stare to leave his booth…

As the day came down to a end, I made my way to the Cosplay Contest, where I set up my gear to get as many photos as possible of the contestants. Unfortunately a giant Shrek was somehow out of order in the contest and blocked one of my flashes for a couple of my shots. But I still manage to get the majority of contestants.

**Photos are coming soon for all the contestants! I hated the background, so I am throwing something special for all the contestants that appeared. It’s time consuming, but please be patient! I managed to get half of them done, so check them out! Follow me on Instagram, and Twitter @DjMarkyG for all the updates! Hoping to finish all the photos by WEDNESDAY!**

It was another great event, and I would like to thank everyone at Big Wow Comic fest for having me attend again! We can’t wait for another big production! Make sure to stay up-to-date with announcements for their next event at 

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)

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